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25 January, 2017 20:14
Police Service of Northern Ireland: secret sexting codes for teens protection
A police force in Northern Ireland has shared a guide on its Facebook page to help parents decipher secret sexting codes and help keep teens safe online.Terms range from ‘TDTM’ (talk dirty to me) and ‘WTTP’ (want to trade pictures), to ‘LH6’ (let’s have sex).
<span itemprop="caption" class="lead-asset-caption">Far more women than men regret having one night stands.</span>
22 January, 2017 03:34
One night stands: women regret them, men regret not having more, and evolution is to blame
Feminists have striven for decades to emancipate women sexually, but when it comes to casual promiscuity, the female of the species is still more straight-laced than the male. And evolution is to blame. Women are evolutionary programmed to regret one night stands, while men have evolved to regret not having more of them, a study suggests. “Women regret that they agree to a one-night stand more often than men. Men regret passing up the chance more than women,” says Prof Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s (NTNU) department of psychology.
Safe sex | AIDS.UA
21 July, 2016 10:59
Durex Condoms - Durban 2016
AIDS.UA Special Report.
According to&nbsp;various&nbsp;estimates, the size of the global contraceptives market is approaching $20 billion, largely driven by pills and devices aimed at women.
8 June, 2016 01:02
How Silicon Valley Will Replace Condoms
With support from tech heavyweights, Contraline could be the first non-condom male birth control to make it to market—but not until 2020.
One in 10 men and one in 20 women reported having sex with a new partner while abroad.
7 June, 2016 00:41
Pack condoms with the suntan lotion, advise sexual health experts
Large numbers of Brits admit to unprotected sex with new partners abroad, raising concerns about spike in STIs.
Remember, if you want to engage in any sexual activity with a new partner, make sure you know their sexual history first.
12 April, 2016 22:20
5 Common Misconceptions About HIV You Should Stop Believing
"HIV is a death sentence." Nearly 37 million people in the world live with HIV, and 2.6 million of them are under the age of 15. Still, there seem to be a lot of misconceptions about the disease, which is the most feared and most misunderstood sexually transmitted infection.