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<span>The charity's research shows that almost half of women with HIV thought they had been diagnosed late, which could shorten their lives and mean their health is worse.</span>
11 April, 2018 12:11
Women left out of HIV services as they focus too much on gay men, charity says
Women's HIV is not being treated early enough, the Terence Higgins Trust has said, as it warns that campaigns are too focused on gay men. The charity's research shows that almost half of women with HIV thought they had been diagnosed late, which could shorten their lives and mean their health is worse.
Living with HIV/AIDS | AIDS.UA
26 August, 2016 02:39
A hidden epidemic in Ukraine
On the 17th floor of a disused building in Kiev, Ukraine, is a secret spot where people from across the capital city congregate with one purpose: to shoot up.
<span class="caption-text">An H.I.V.-positive patient at a hospital in Beijing. A recent leak of medical records of H.I.V. carriers in China has prompted calls for greater security.</span>
25 July, 2016 03:32
China Investigating Data Leak and Swindling of H.I.V. Patients
Bai Hua, the director of a support network based in Beijing for people with H.I.V./AIDS, said he began receiving the messages about two weeks ago. Hundreds of people with H.I.V. across China were reporting that they were being called by someone who claimed to be from the government and had access to their medical records and other personal information.
<div class="gallery-lightbox__img-caption">Police in Los Angeles on 29 March 2016 work the crime scene after a man was charged with killing his son for being gay.</div>
14 June, 2016 01:33
Killings of LGBT and HIV-affected people rose 20% in 2015, report finds
Homicides of LGBT and HIV-affected people in the US have risen 20% since 2014, according to a report released on Monday.
<p>Meet the man who could become the first openly HIV-positive congressman in American history.</p>
11 June, 2016 02:52
Florida House candidate Bob Poe says he is HIV positive
A U.S. congressional candidate from Orlando says in a Facebook posting that he is HIV positive.
Zhenping health authority and the township government are discussing a compensation plan for Yang.
25 May, 2016 21:41
Chinese farmer demands compensation after wrong AIDS diagnosis
A farmer in central China's Henan Province is seeking 2 million yuan (about 300,000 U.S. dollars) in compensation after he was wrongly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
Melissa Himmelheber shows pictures of her son, who died of an Opana overdose in 2011, in Austin, Indiana.
4 May, 2016 13:17
How a Small Town Became the Capital of HIV in America
Rampant drug use in Austin, Indiana — coupled with unemployment and poor living conditions — brought on a public-health crisis that some are calling a “syndemic.”
Brryan Stewart
3 May, 2016 10:54
Son, 24, forgives dad who injected him with HIV: 'That's all I can do'
Brryan Stewart was only 10 months old when his father injected him with HIV-positive blood — and now, burdened with health challenges at age 25, Stewart is not only surviving but seeing the positive.
<span>Doctor Dorry Segev answers questions about the first ever HIV-positive liver transplant in the world during a news conference at Johns Hopkins hospital, March 30, 2016 in Baltimore.</span>
30 March, 2016 18:47
Hopkins begins nation's first HIV-positive organ transplants
Surgeons in Baltimore for the first time have transplanted organs between an HIV-positive donor and HIV-positive recipients. It's a long-awaited new option for patients with the AIDS virus whose kidneys or livers also are failing.