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Toronto eatery is the world's first pop-up run by HIV+ chefs

Daily Hive,   31 October, 2017 14:46
Toronto eatery is the world's first pop-up run by HIV+ chefs | AIDS.UA
Author: Matt Barnes/Casey House
June’s HIV+ Eatery is popping up in Toronto for two nights this November. Billed as the “world’s first pop-up restaurant run by HIV positive chefs,” it’s a new initiative from Casey House that aims to “fight HIV/AIDS stigma with every bite.”

Manned by Toronto chef Matt Basile (Fidel Gastro’s, Lisa Marie) and a team of HIV-positive cooks, the evening promises to be “positively delicious” while also challenging misconceptions revealed by the Casey House Smash Stigma Study that found that:

  • 39% of Canadians would not knowingly eat food prepared by a person who is HIV positive
  • 37% of Canadians would not share food with a person who is HIV positive
  • Only half of Canadians would knowingly share food with or eat food prepared by someone who is HIV positive.

“The stigma around HIV and AIDS is still very real, isolating many patients across the city, the country and the globe,” said Casey House client Kenneth Poon in a press release. “I stand proud to be part of this powerful group of 14 HIV positive chefs to boldly break barriers and end the isolation that I have felt and others continue to feel. Through the compassionate care that I received at Casey House, I made it through those darkest days and I am here today, helping others who are living with HIV/AIDS.”

Casey House HIV+ eatery

Matt Barnes/Casey House

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